piracetam alcoholic treatment

Course of alcoholic predelirium during treatment with piracetam: results of serial psychometric tests (author’s transl)

Meyer JG, Forst R, Meyer-Wahl L.

Dtsch Med Wochenschr 1979 Jun 22;104(25):911-4


Thirty-six male alcoholics in a mild predelirial state were studied with a series of psychometric tests (reaction time to light and sound, reaction to multiple sequential stimuli, apprehension and tachistoscopic appreciation test, achievement and concentration test analogous to the Pauli test). The degree of psychometrically determined abnormalities pointed to serious cerebral lesions even in the mild predelirial stage and exceeded the expectations gained from clinical impression. The disorders decreased in the course of treatment but were present for at least another three days. Additional treatment with piracetam (9 g/d intravenously) in eighteen patients significantly improved the results of the achievement and concentration tests, while there was no or only slight improvement in the other tests.