piracetam beneficial effect on post-ischaemic myoclonus

Beneficial effect of piracetam monotherapy on post-ischaemic palatal pmyoclonus

Karacostas D, Doskas T, Artemis N, Vadicolias K, Milonas I. B.

Department of Neurology,
Aristotelian University School of Medicine,
AHEPA Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece.
J Int Med Res 1999 Jul-Aug;27(4):201-5


A 70-year-old hypertensive woman suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage followed by delayed vasospasm in the basal cerebral arteries. This resulted in multiple ischaemic lesions in the right middle cerebral artery region and contralateral post-ischaemic palatal myoclonus. In this setting, piracetam administered in high doses (24-36 g/day), abolished the myoclonus observed in this patient. Although there is evidence from case reports and clinical trials of the therapeutic efficacy of piracetam in patients with skeletal myoclonus of various causes, to our knowledge this is the first report indicating the beneficial effect of piracetam monotherapy on post-ischaemic palatal myoclonus.