piracetam concentrations during delivery

Pharmacokinetics of piracetam during delivery

Cornely M, Henkel E, Trapp H.

Fortschr Med 1978 Oct 5;96(37):1881-6


The excretion of piracetam was monitored by measuring the concentrations in maternal and fetal substrates during labor in nine volunteers. Piracetam was tolerated without side-effects and injected in the maternal cubital vein. Consecutively, maternal plasma and urine samples as well as amniotic fluid portions were collected during labor. At delivery, fetal blood from placenta and the first fetal urines were collected. Biostatistical methods showed that approximately 50% of piracetam were eliminated 80 minutes after the injection of the drug. In amniotic fluid a continuous rise of piracetam concentrations was monitored until delivery. In fetal plasma and urines the substance could be detected. The rapid excretion of piracetam during labor was obviously typical for the situation sub partu; reasons are discussed.