piracetam effect on brain circulation failure

Significance of subjective symptoms and diagnostic criteria in initial forms of cerebral circulation insufficiency

Eninia GI, Purinia IV, Robule VKh,
Maiore IKh, Timofeeva TN, Berzina AIa.

Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova 1989;89(12):19-23


Piracetam was applied to the treatment of 60 patients with initial manifestations of brain circulation failure and stage I circulatory encephalopathy. The drug exerted a beneficial therapeutic effect by reducing high brain vascular resistance (both extra- and intracranial) and by increasing the lowered volume of pulse fluctuations. It made fibrinolytic blood activity and aggregation of formed elements of the blood return to normal. An appreciable anti-atherogenic effect was discovered as well. It should be taken into consideration that in patients with a dramatic lowering of pulse fluctuations, the use of piracetam in a dose of 1.6 g/day may enhance headache. In such cases the dose should be reduced.