piracetam effect on neuroleptic-induced side effects

Effect of piracetam on extrapyramidal side effects induced by neuroleptic drugs.

Kabes J, Sikora J, Pisvejc J, Hanzlicek L, Skondia V.

Int Pharmacopsychiatry 1982;17(3):185-92


In a double-blind crossover placebo controlled trial the effectivity of piracetam in neuroleptic-induced extrapyramidal side effects was confirmed. 40 psychotic patients treated with neuroleptics in an average daily dose equal to 600 mg of chlorpromazine were included in this study. Akathisia, tremor, muscle rigidity and dyskinesia were evaluated on a 4-point scale. The patients were randomly divided into two subgroups–40 g of piracetam or placebo from identic ampoules were given i.v. with a crossover readministration after 60 min. The intensity of the extrapyramidal side effects was evaluated at 30-min intervals during 2 h. Piracetam was proved to be significantly effective in both subgroups, the onset of its action being between 30 and 60 min after i.v. administration. Possible interpretations of the observed piracetam effectivity are considered. Further trials with piracetam in neurologic complications during neuroleptic treatment, tardive dyskinesia included, are suggested.