piracetam in ischemic heart disease

Piracetam and tocopherol acetate [Vitamin E] ability to potentiate clinical effect of antianginal drugs in presenile and senile patients with ischemic heart disease (unstable angina)

Pimenov LT, Churshin AD, Ezhov AV.

Department of Polyclinic Therapy,
State Medical Academy, Izhevsk.
Klin Med (Mosk) 1997;75(1):32-5


Potentiating ability of piracetam and tocopherol acetate was studied outpatiently in aged patients with ischemic heart disease. It was found that the addition of piracetam and tocopherol acetate to conventional antianginal drug therapy brings higher response and exercise tolerance, contributes to more effective hemodynamic and energetic support of the exercise, to positive changes in the central and peripheral hemodynamics.