piracetam in myocardial infarct patients

Therapeutic use of piracetam in myocardial infarct patients

Leshchinskii LA, Pimenov LT, Fedorov VS.

Kardiologiia 1987 Feb;27(2):46-50


Fifty-four patients with acute myocardial infarction were evaluated repeatedly, with 28 of those treated with piracetam, and 26 used as controls. Piracetam produced a considerable favorable effect on the clinical course of myocardial infarction, as reflected in a more rapid clinical improvement of acute circulatory insufficiency and an analgetic effect. The drug reduced heart rate and moderately elevated systolic arterial blood pressure. Positive changes in total CPK, LDH, AST and ALT activities, and in ECG from 12 & 35 leads were quicker to come.