piracetam in parturients and newborn infants

The results of the therapeutic monitoring of piracetam in parturients and newborn infants

Sirotina IV, Aleksandrova ZD, Bogatyreva NV,
Gusel VA, Smirnov DP, Khodov DA, Grandilevskaia OL.

Eksp Klin Farmakol 1992 Jan-Feb;55(1):53-6


Overall 30 women in childbirth with preeclampsia and fetoplacental dysfunction received piracetam solution which was given initially in a dose of 5 g by intravenous drip, rapidly since the onset of labour and then every 2 hours till the end of labour in a dose of 2 g by jet injection. This made it possible to increase fetus resistance to hypoxic conditions. The concentrations of piracetam within the range of 60-80 g/l in the blood of women in childbirth should be viewed as minimum therapeutic. A single daily intramuscular injection of piracetam (50 mg/kg) into neonates with encephalopathies may build up blood concentrations equal to 25-60 mg/l after 2 hours. The drug is not detectable in the blood by the moment the next injection is given.