piracetam in tinnitus and sudden deafness

Piracetam infusions in acute tinnitus and sudden deafness

Gutmann R, Mees K.

Klinik und Poliklinik fur Hals-,
Nasen- und Ohrenkranke, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen.
Fortschr Med 1995 Jun 30;113(18):288-90


In a prospective randomised clinical study on 39 patients with tinnitus and sudden hearing loss the therapeutic efficacy of piracetam/HAES 6% was compared with that of naftidrofuryl/HAES 6%. The two groups of patients were comparable in terms of demographic and audiological baseline data. The parameters evaluated were hearing improvement and the reduction in intensity of tinnitus. Improvement in hearing was 15 dB (piracetam) versus 18.5 dB (naftidrofuryl). The improvement in tinnitus amounted 27 dB (piracetam) and 19.9 dB (naftidrofuryl). Both differences were not significant. Tolerability was very good in both groups. Piracetam, which improves rheology and has a positive effect on metabolism, would appear of particular interest for the treatment of acute tinnitus.