piracetam protection in brain injury

Clinical observations concerning piracetam treatment of patients after craniocerebral injury

Goscinski I, Moskala M, Cichonski J,
Polak J, Krupa M, Sliwonik S, Sondej T.

Kliniki Neurotraumatologii Instytutu Neurologii Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego w Krakowie.
Przegl Lek 1999;56(2):119-20


piracetam is a cytoprotective to brain tissue and improving cerebral blood flow medicine. In the Department of Neurotraumatology we investigated results of piracetam treatment in a group of 100 succeeding patients admitted between 1995-96 due to craniocerebral injury. High doses (24-30 g per day) of this medicine have a positive effect on final result of treatment, when treatment is initiated immediately after the injury and described conditions are abided. We also showed usefulness of piracetam treatment in post-hospital management.