piracetam significantly reduced vertigo symptoms

The efficacy of piracetam in vertigo. A double-blind study in patients with vertigo of central origin.

Oosterveld WJ.

Arzneimittelforschung 1980;30(11):1947-9


In a double-blind trial according to a switchback design with 4 periods of one week each a comparison was made between the effects of piracetam and a placebo. In 22 patients with vertigo of central origin (posttraumatic, psychogenic, ecileptogenic and hypertensive vertigo were excluded) piracetam was found to significantly reduce symptoms. On anamnestic examination the patients noted the effect of both substances on vertigo, motility disturbances, vitality and sleep. Piracetam was found to have a significant effect on the first three. The effect of piracetam is explained by an enhanced control of the cerebral cortex on the subordinated vestibular centers, in agreement with findings in the literature on animal and human pharmacology.