piracetam treatment of patients with an ischemic stroke

Piracetam in the treatment of disorders of the higher mental functions in patients with an ischemic stroke

Burd GS, Gekht AB, Bogolepova AN, Buklina SB.

Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova 1997;97(10):29-34


47 patients with acute ischemic stroke were treated with piracetam from the first day of the disease (12 g, intravenously, by drops during 2 weeks, then 4.8 g, per os) on the background of basic therapy. There was revealed increase of spontaneous activity, expressive and impulsive speech, audio- and speaking memory (especially delayed memory), tactile, acoustic and visual gnosis, space praxis. There was observed more pronounced positive dynamics of functions of damaged hemisphere in patients with localisation of ischemic focus in left hemisphere. Meanwhile restoration was slower when ischemic focus was localized in right hemisphere. Restoration of high mental functions occurred to be faster during piracetam treatment as compared with basic therapy only. The conclusion was made that piracetam can be prescribed for the patients with hemispheric ischemic stroke and especially for the patients with alterations of cerebral circulation in system of internal carotid artery including such disturbances on the background of insufficiency of circulation in vertebrobasilar system.